Mazda 2 HatchBack 2015

Trust Review Mazda 2 HatchBack 2015, Introducing the New Mazda 2 2015 in Surabaya parties, need to know the All-New Mazda2 in 2015 has a very exclusive with variety of new changes in both the exterior and interior. Not quite there only Mazda2 has also been recognized by the world as a reliable hatchback and has a guaranteed quality, especially the All-New Mazda2 2015 brings advanced technology called SKYACTIV-G with the support by the engine capacity of 1.5 liter in-line four-cylinder is juxtaposed by a 16 valve DOHC applications , Not only this, but there are also supporting features such as Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) and the Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) which makes this cool car more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Mitsubishi Mirage Sport 2015

Trust Review Mitsubishi Mirage Sport 2015 with new tagline “The Sport Utility City Car”. Mitsubishi Mirage that has existed since 2012 and the population has now reached more than 14,000 units with a market share of 14% in his class in 2014 to a desire of consumers as one of adequate transport accommodation with a budget and do not forget the element of the level of comfort and efficiency in which makes the mitsubishi mirage is efficient car fuel use.

All New Honda HR-V 2015

Trust Review All New Honda HR-V 2015, is the latest product in the category honda suv crossover, Honda HR-V is a blend of coupes, SUVs and minivans. Honda HR-V is to be sold in Indonesia will be available in two engine variants. The first variant of the engine i-VTEC 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter i-VTEC. Name Honda HR-V is not a new name because, Honda has been using the name for the SUV that was launched in 1999 and 2006. Additionally, Honda is already introduced the HR-V 2014 Honda Vezel name in Japan. So Honda HR-V 2014 is another name of Honda Vezel.

All New Honda Accord 2014

All New Honda Accord 2014 - Trust Review, All New Honda Accord is the ninth generation of design changes as a whole, continues to be supported by a variety of advanced technology and leading-edge features make 'The Visionary Car' as All New Honda Accord.